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The Story of Organic Smokes


"World’s first smoking therapy that makes your living better."


Organic Smokes is a groundbreaking innovation designed to provide the utmost satisfaction akin to smoking a tobacco cigarette. Deliciously flavored and 100 percent herbal, these smokes offer a rejuvenating taste, making them the perfect choice for smokers who seek pleasure without harming their mind and body.


Free from harmful substances like nicotine, tobacco, and any kind of additives, Organic Smokes present an absolute delight to both smokers and non-smokers alike. The herbs used in the making of Organic Smokes are extracted from naturally untouched habitats, ensuring no use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. When we say purest of all, we deliver.


Organic Smokes is an Ayurvedic Smoking Therapy. A single dosage can alleviate stress, balance body temperature during cold, uplift mood, and mitigate jet lag for up to four hours. Tested on over a million bodies, it has shown no adverse effects when taken as recommended. This therapy is approved as a PATENT in the edition of the Indian Pharmacopoeia or any other Pharmacopoeia authorized by the Central Government in consultation with the Drugs Technical Advisory Board and licensed under the AYUSH Department, Govt. of India.


Product Range


Cigarillos : Handcrafted with a blend of Holy Basil, Camellia Sinensis, A. Acuminata, Solanum Nigrum, and Ephedra Vulgarius, rolled into 100% biodegradable paper and filter.


Cigarettes : Handcrafted with organic ingredients, including Holy Basil, Camellia Sinensis, Rose petals, A. Acuminata, Solanum Nigrum, Spearmint Leaves, and Ephedra Vulgarius, rolled into 100% biodegradable paper and filter.


Organic Mix Blend : Made from coffee leaves and other exotic herbs, allowing you to roll your own cigarettes, brew it like a tea, or use it in your shower.


Roll Your Own Masterpiece : Contains 32 rolling sheets and artistic filters, each with inspiring quotes.


OG Shisha Blend : Handcrafted with a mix of herbs and fruits, providing a unique and flavorful experience.


Organic Era : A pioneering Ayurvedic Dhoompana Therapy, meticulously formulated for use in Atomiser/Vaporiser devices. Fully licensed by CDSCO as a medical device and endorsed by AYUSH for its efficacy in tobacco cessation and respiratory disorder management, this therapy is crafted from a synergy of organic ingredients, each selected for its distinct therapeutic properties.


Infused with the invigorating essence of Coffee Oil, known for its antioxidant-rich composition and mental clarity-enhancing qualities, Organic Era stimulates the senses while providing anti-inflammatory support to soothe respiratory discomfort. The inclusion of Artemisia, a revered herb in Ayurveda, complements this blend, offering traditional respiratory health benefits and relief from common cold and cough symptoms.


Further enriching the formulation, Orange Peel contributes immune-boosting vitamin C and antimicrobial properties, while Bala, a cherished herb in Ayurvedic medicine, strengthens the respiratory system and promotes overall wellness. Coconut Glycerin ensures proper hydration and smoothness of the vapor, while Sugarcane Glycol serves as a safe carrier for effective ingredient dispersion.


To enhance the sensory experience, Organic Era offers a selection of natural flavours, including refreshing mint, soothing lavender, zesty lemon & a variety of flavours , providing a delightful touch to the therapeutic blend. With meticulously curated ingredients and a professional-grade formulation, Organic Era stands as a testament to the power of Ayurveda in promoting respiratory health and overall well-being.